Bitcom was evaluated with VT100A

Navigating the Chebucto Community Net with Lynx
Screen refreshes in reverse video when 'R' is used. A quick way to temporarily fix the problem is to enter Pine and then exit. -aa068
Email withPine
Reliable -aa068
File Transfers with Kermit (Text files only)
Download: Reliable, but destination filename cannot be specified. Upload: Reliable, destination filename can be specified. However, after upload, there are minor screen refresh problems. -aa068
File Transfers with Zmodem
News With TIN


(aa068) -Auto LF must be set to no. (Auto LF: no) -aa068
As of current testing, either VT100A or VT100B may be used. Differences according to Bitcom documentation are:
                { VT100A }
                { LATEST VERSION MAR 15,1989 FOR 3.55 OR 4.0           }
                { VT100 emulation file.  Model=VT102, no VT52 support }

                { VT100B }
                { VT100 emulation file.  Model=VT102, includes VT52 support }

                Difference according to my testing:
                numeric keypad cannot be used.

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